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 Our team is gathering and updating daily the   -  ULTIMATE-VEGAN-WORLD  -  just for you . Some recipe sites/blogs and the others local, newscosmetics and fashion all vegan. We are sure that there are lots of vegan sites out there waiting for us to explore,if you find them before we do - let us know here!






lunch box bunch ,Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ





Vegan Slaughterer on Ultimate Vegan World - best vegan sites




vegan architect on ultimate-vegan-world




burger abroad




live well live green on ultimate vegan world




just one more spoon




bonzai aphrodite on




sprouts and chocolate on ultimate vegan world








i love vegan - on ULTIMATE VEGAN WORLD



Tofu For Thought on Ultimate Vegan World 7.2015



 , recipe vegan hot



























vegan housewives , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ




meatless monday



oh she glows , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ





raw edibles ,Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ





happy cow , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ





minimalist baker , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ





the post punk kitchen , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ














 on ultimate vegan world








healthy food corner , Ultimate-Vegan-World - Top Vegan Sites Ⓥ




vegan italyvegan RomaniaVegan germanyvegan-israel


Vegan Sites & blogs collection Ⓥ

Please note: The external links are provided as informational only. It does not imply endorsement of all their views and information. If you would like to add your vegan website or blog to our collection, contact with the contact form

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We are gathering Vegan websites, blogs and whatnots from across the web and spreading the word.
At UVW, we believe veganism and cooking are the BEST way to connect and communicate with people. People who has different ideas, cuisines and ingredients.
After preparing thousands of dishes made only with recipes we found online, we have decided to share our passion of finding awesome sites with all of you!
Ultimate Vegan World is the fastest growing vegan collection website of 2014.
Help us grow – Share your favorite websites with us!!
The Universe is a delicious Place, Just taste it.
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