SUPERFOOD and HEALTHY LIVING – What’s, How’s and AWESOME Discount Code!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” (Buddha)

It’s All About Great HealthSuperFoods - Green Tea Power - Ultimate Vegan World Every day we feel as if we carry the world upon our shoulders, work can be too demanding, the daily routine can be exhausting and our happiness and healthiness are often forgotten. Well, this article isn’t about to change ALL the stuff described, but it WILL definitely help you start your day with a smile, an energy boost and without any early morning cooking. This is section is all about fast, extremely healthy and delicious Super-Foods you should have in YOUR kitchen.

First things first – SUPERFOOD? Huh? “Superfood” is a term used to describe foods that are extremely healthy.

Superfoods are high on vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients. That means excellent mind and body.

Superfoods are all around, you just have to look – Avocado, Berries, Beans, Broccoli, Garlic, Kiwi, Nuts and many other familiar food items are considered Superfoods.And the best part is that Superfood recipes are the best!

The Golden Rule For Healthy Living by Ultimate Vegan World The golden rule is to add a new healthy eating habit at a time. Don’t be too drastic. We’ll start by adding 3-4 cups of organic green tea every day. That’s it. Totally doable, right? OK, let me explain why Green Tea! 5 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

  1. Better Sleep – One cup of green tea an hour before going to bed would help you enjoy a goodnight sleep.
  2. Diabetes – Green tea may lower your risk of Type II Diabetes
  3. Cardiovascular – Green tea may help prevent Cardiovascular Diseases by lowering Cholesterol levels
  4. Detox – Green tea is a great Liver, Lung and   cleanser.    
  5. Relax – Drinking green tea can calm, slow down and relax your body. That’s because green tea contains an amino acid called theanine that does just that.

We are totally smitten by these perfect Green Teas

For more information about Green Tea click here

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Rishi Matcha Super Green | Yogi Pure Green Decaf  |  Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea | Yogi Super Antioxidant

Rishi Matcha Green Tea

Rishi Matcha Super Green


Yogi Tea – Pure Green Decaf

Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea

Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea

Super Antioxidant

Yogi Tea – Super Antioxidant

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